Great Land Opportunity in Brazil          ( Português )
You can own a farm in the south of Bahia state, in Brazil, land of cocoa, cattle and tourism.

The South of Bahia is one of the more productive and beautiful regions of Brazil, with a very fertile soil. It's the land of cocoa, plant of which everything is usable, from the stem and the rind to the pulp and almond.

Cocoa is the base of chocolate and is also in cosmetics, moisturizers, ration for animals, oils, juices, candies, jellies, liquors and lots of other products.

Beyond cocoa, the south of Bahia has excellent grass for cattle, rain and sun in the ideal measure, virgin pieces of the Atlantic Forest, an exuberant nature, hundreds of kilometers of beautiful beaches, near the farms; a great infrastructure with two federal highways, airport and international port.

It is one of the more desired places by tourist of the entire world, thanks to its natural beauties, to the power of cocoa and its culture, celebrated in Jorge Amado's romances. It is the right place for you to invest in projects such as ecoresort, hotel farm, Spa, ecotourism, adventure tourism.

Or the production of cocoa and derivatives, breeding cattle; mamona and dendê plantation for biodiesel, exotic fruits and juices for export, palmito and pupunha, pepper, spices and innumerable other lucrative activities.

You dream the project, we find the farm or property more suitable for your project. We work with few property, only the ones we consider of high quality.

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Dom Eduardo Conjunto Dom Eduardo
Cocoa, cattle, main house with swimming pool, a lake, 350 hectares in Camacan/BA
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Santo Antonio Conjunto Santo Antonio
Cocoa, cattle, electric cocoa dryer, 4 streams and rivers, 409 hectares in Ipiau/BA
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itabuna Itabuna
Near our lands you can find Itabuna, the second commerce and services center in Bahia state
Ilheus Ilhéus
You'll also be near Ilhéus, tourist destination with an airport and an international port
Praias By the beach
South of Bahia is great for tourist projects, featuring more than 100 km of beautiful beaches
Rios Rivers and streams
This region is rich in rivers and streams, which guarantees your water supply in the future
Itacare Itacaré
Itacaré has lots of luxury ecoresort projets and is also famous for its surf and adventure tourism
cacau Cocoa
Cocoa is a great business and never register a loss. It's easy to plant, to harvest and to sell